Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

After an attempt to take Daddy away from the boys and seeing the effects it had on the boys, it was necessary for me to find an idea to give a continuity between them and me in this distance that we all lived badly.

The necessary :

  • Sacrify a shirt in which you cuddle
  • find a comfortable cushion
  • sewing material
  • 25 kilos minimum of love per shirt (adjustable)

Take the shirt with the cuddles in it, and slip in the cushion. we will take this step to check the position mainly.

Cut the shirt to fit the cushion as in the photo below:

return the shirt to sew inside.

Note the difference in length that will keep the roundness of the cushion. Flip the shirt over to sew it from the inside.

prepare the fabric to write your personalized message :

position it at the location of the heart …

My message to my son « For Matthew, with all my love, your Dad ». Personalize with your message for your son.

It only remains to put it on the bed of your child.

For the few months of a change of situation, the children continued to have their dad’s hugs in the evening to fall asleep. I know that for the big (6 1/2 years old) the « daddy comforter » is now his main pillow … and still today after a return to normal alternating residence.

To all … do not let go! if it’s not for you it’s for them …


ATTENTION: adapt by removing the buttons for the youngest children. If a button came out, it could be dangerous if the child put it in his mouth.

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